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Friends of Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge
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Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge

Where Wildlife Comes First

Dungeness NWR is located along the northern coast of the Olympic Peninsula in Clallam County, Washington northwest of the town of Sequim and 15 miles east of Port Angeles. The Refuge consists 644 acres and is part of the Washington Maritime NWR Complex. President Woodrow Wilson established Dungeness NWR in 1915 as a preserve and breeding grounds for native birds.

The Refuge includes the Dungeness Spit. At 5.5-miles Dungeness Spit is the longest natural sand spit in the United States. Near the end of the Spit is the New Dungeness Light Station which has been operating since 1857.

Visiting the Refuge

The Refuge is open daily from sunrise to half an hour before sunset. There is a half-mile woodland hike to the beach trail, which extends an additional five miles to the New Dungeness Light Station. Visitors making the trek to the lighthouse should consult tide tables before departing and understand that conditions can change quickly and can become dangerous.

Note that some GPS directions in the area are incorrect. For more accurate directions to the Refuge entrance search for 554 Voice of America Road West, Sequim, WA 98382. Google map

Remember, this is not a public beach. This is a home for wildlife.

Please DO:
• Pay the entrance fee and fill out a permit.
• Practice leave no trace policies.
• Ask volunteers and staff questions.
• Take photos.
• Learn something new.
• Consult a tide table before hiking on the beach.
• Stay on the trail and keep out of closed areas to protect wildlife.
• Be aware the Refuge closes one half hour before sunset.
• Observe 100 yard buffer zone when boating near the Refuge.
• Make a reservation before paddling to the lighthouse.

Please note the following prohibited activities:
• Do not disturb or feed wildlife.
• No jogging.
• No pets.
• No flying machines (no drones, no kites).
• No beach games (frisbee, balls, etc.).
• No fires.
• No camping.
• Do not disturb or remove any resources. No collecting or taking of rocks, shells, driftwood, plants or vegetation, etc.
• Do not enter closed areas. Consult the maps for open vs. closed areas. Note that the bay side of the spit is closed the length of the spit. A small area of the bay side is open May 15–September 30.

Violation of the rules can result in fines or imprisonment. Please be a safe and courteous visitor.

Learn more about the Refuge on the USFWS web site:


Google Map

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